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Elevate your style with our exquisite custom embroidery. Transform ordinary items into personalized treasures, one stitch at a time.

Our Story - Marvil Embroidery

Our Story

Marvil Embroidery was born in Singapore, with the main motivation of taking something simple and turning it into a unique and different piece through embroidery.

This journey started with small jobs at the beginning and technological limitation with a fixed arm embroidery machine. Multiple personalized embroideries in bags, cases, backpacks were made. And later continued exploring other products such as towels, decorations, napkins, and embroidery small in clothing.

It was after investing in a free-arm industrial machine especially for home embroidery that the business able to expand. With the help of the Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR1055X acquisition, Marvil Embroidery's designs and product customization went to the next level. Now we have broaden our services with much more flexibility when it comes to design new embroidery products and in a better time response. We offer upcycling larger clothing, cushions, and embroidery in general.

At Marvil Embroidery, we are very happy to have started this venture, which allows people to differentiate themselves in this serial and globalized world, since having something hand made and personalized is still very special.

Our Vision

To embrace personalization, offering a unique touch to special items, enabling individuals to enhance the distinctiveness of each creation.

Mariana Villanueva - Our Founder - Marvil Embroidery

Meet the artist

I am Mariana Villanueva, designer by profession, artist by heart, I am married with two beautiful children, a lover of my family, I move around the world, working on what is my passion, creating.

I was born in 1979 in Arica, Chile; But I grew up in the fifth region, a German town, in my adolescence I began to discover crafts with my mother, from that moment I discovered that I wanted to be a designer, I studied Design with a mention in Architecture and Equipment at the University of Viña del Mar.

The career that gave me structure and knowledge to go to Italy to finish my last year of studies and there to complete my Master's degree in Exhibit Design, this experience was spectacular because I learned in the spaces themselves and with people who were experts in their subject, it opened my mind completely. I matured the concepts and returned to Chile renewed.

After a few years of work, already married, I left with my husband and daughter for London, in this new life experience I learned about museums, works of art and started studying new glass fusion techniques, an enriching experience. After London it was Mexico, Monterrey in this city is the only glass museum in Latin America and I had the opportunity to study and experience different techniques again. Here I started working with glass jewelry and glass butterflies.

Returning to Chile, I studied a Master's Degree in Strategic Design at the University of Valparaiso that I did not finish. Then I began with introspective work as well, which brought me closer to the knowledge of universal energies such as reiki, properties of stones, tarot, this new knowledge inspired me to create the line of energetic goldsmithing.

It is Romania where I have cast my years of work in glass and jewelry, managing to exhibit one of my works “the flight of butterflies” in an art gallery and placing my jewelry in an exclusive Romanian design store.

After Romania, I moved to South Africa where I lived for 2 years, learning African culture and textile art. Then, it was Brazil's turn, where I reinvented myself again, returning to one of my origins and first interests in design, tailoring and sewing, advancing my knowledge with classes in costume design and sewing, in an atelier in Rio de Janeiro. , to then begin with a venture of designing and making beach clothing, exploring the nuances, colors and shapes that Brazil and its culture gives us.

Finally, after 2 and a half years in Brazil, we moved to Singapore, where I managed to merge my knowledge of sewing and design with the embroidery technique, which gave birth to Marvil Embroidery.

I invite you to get to know my page, my life, my works.

  • Creativity is a cherished journey

Inspired by her earlier exploration with glass in 'The Fly of the Butterflies,' Mariana now charts a new course, empowering her creativity through the art of embroidery.

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